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La tradition des pâtes fraîches depuis 1983

AL DENTE Traiteur

A little Italy on your table?

If you simply want to savour our food in your own home, for a reduced number of guests (AL DENTE TO GO), or wish to organize a themed event (AL DENTE CATERING), we can provide, in adapted packaging or on platters, most of the products you like from our menu.



It is your choice to choose from our menu according to your envies.

You are just left with ordering by phone and pick up the order minutes later, during our opening hours.

  • Marseille: 04 91 81 67 45
  • Toulon: 04 94 93 02 50

The rates are those of the menus, reduced by 10%.


This service requires a minimum order for twenty people.

Two possible options:

OPTION A: cold dishes (12 Euros per person)

You order an assortment of cold starters, or to be reheated, and Italian cheeses, presented on platters or salad bowls.  You will mainly find dishes from our menu:

  • Crispy goat’s cheese in puff pastry with tapenade (olive paste, capers, anchovies)
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Courgettes/zucchini flan with mixed herbs
  • Fresh salad with smoked salmon
  • Al Dente salad
  • Cold pasta salad
  • Aubergines/eggplants with parmesan cheese
  • Parma ham, speck, bresaola
  • Fresh tomatoes with mozzarella di buffala
  • Grilled vegetables with oil (peppers, aubergines/eggplants, courgettes/zucchinis, onions, preserved tomatoes
  • Cheeses (parmesan, gorgonzola, mozzarella di buffala)

This menu is a good option for a buffet or the start of a meal and can be completed by a pasta dish, which brings us to the next option.

OPTION B: pasta party (12 Euros per person)

We offer to organise in your own home a pasta party, with or without staff.

Without staff:

You choose one or several sauces as well as raw pasta, gnocchi or ravioli on our menu and you just have to cook them or reheat them.

With staff:

Our cook, eventually accompanied by service staff, delivers your order and guaranty you a very convivial event.

- pan-sautéed pasta outside, in front of your guests

- ideal for a buffet

- maximum of two sauces (for example little squids Provence-style, with pesto, with figatelli with brousse cheese, or with garlic and chilli pepper....)

STAFF RATE: 18 € / hour (+ 25% after midnight)

We remain at your disposal to study with you details of such events.

DELIVERY BY “RESTO IN” (only in Marseille)

The company “Resto In” can also deliver our meals to your home, in special packaging and isothermal bag.

You will then have to consult their website to make your choice and order.

Enjoy your meal!

Daily production of our fresh pasta, ravioli and gnocchi.

AL DENTE, Italian restaurant, in Marseille’s antique shops’ neighbourhood, devote its best hospitality in order to present its Italian cooking and its home-made traditional fresh pasta in a warm décor and convivial ambiance.

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Restaurant Italien AL DENTE Marseille
10, rue Edmond Rostand - 13006 Marseille
Tél : 04 91 81 67 45