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La tradition des pâtes fraîches depuis 1983

Italian Specialties

Rare are the restaurant that, like us, make their own fresh pasta and, a fortiori, their ravioli.

We made this choice, from the beginning, as it seemed important to us, by specializing in fresh pasta, to make them ourselves.

We only use the hard wheat semolina and eggs, which allows our pasta to remain firm (al dente) whilst cooking them.  
Our ravioli and gnocchi are produced by our care.
The green and red colours in our pasta are obtained with spinach and tomato, added to the semolina.
Moreover, the black colour of our tagliatelle comes from cuttlefish ink.

The freshness and quality of ingredients used guarantees tasty pasta easy to digest, for a dietary and pleasurable alliance.

Pasta remain one of the most healthy and natural foods and can be indefinitely combined to create different flavours.

Our material can allow us to make a large number of shapes, by using different adapted moulds.  

Nevertheless, in order to simplify the implementation and guarantee the efficiency of the service, we voluntarily limited the production to three varieties of fresh pasta: tagliatelle,

campanelle and rigatoni, to which are added the gnocchi and two types of ravioli.






If our three cheese ravioli (ricotta, gruyère and parmesan) are found in almost all of Italy, the Piedmontese ravioli, like his name indicates, comes from the Italian Piedmont, at the foot of the Alps.

The savoury stuffing of this traditional ravioli is made with braised veal and poultry, celery, spinach, onions, round rice, basil, several herbs and parmesan.
They are served with a fresh sage butter or a nice tomato sauce.
The home-made production guarantees a total absence of preservatives, hidden fats or other flavour enhancers.

Daily production of our fresh pasta, ravioli and gnocchi.

AL DENTE, Italian restaurant, in Marseille’s antique shops’ neighbourhood, devote its best hospitality in order to present its Italian cooking and its home-made traditional fresh pasta in a warm décor and convivial ambiance.

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Restaurant Italien AL DENTE Marseille
10, rue Edmond Rostand - 13006 Marseille
Tél : 04 91 81 67 45